CLUSTER – by 2020 for the majority of the population, not only in the Czech Republic, was just another foreign word. Then came COVID and suddenly the word got the meaning “area with big occurrence of a virus”.

There is a large occurrence of something completely different in the CLUTEX cluster – ideas, solutions, collaboration, sharing experience. These expressions contain fifteen years in common work of companies and organizations associated with the textile and the clothing industry in the Czech Republic.

17 companies from almost all Czech regions decided to this cooperation in March 2006. They have recently agreed on the main areas of activity of the established cluster technical textile:

-sharing knowledge, skills and experiences

– Common propagation and marketing

– Collaborative research and development

– Common searching of new solutions & contacts

Great results of cooperation inside the cluster also drew attention abroad – today the cluster and its members cooperate with similar entities across the Europe (Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Slovakia, Finland, etc.). The cluster’s activities were presented as part of participation in trade fairs and missions in addition to Europe at three other continents.

During a pandemic, we react flexibly and move on to the online mode, companies very fast and effectively changed their production portfolio towards to the face masks, respirators, nano-filters etc.

15 years of the cluster’s existence also brought new requirements to the cluster itself – to the internal organization, financial management, membership development and sustainability of the cluster. Thanks to the good work we gained a bronze award Cluster Management Excellence. This year we are working to win the award silver, which will bring the cluster beyond prestige also better access, especially to international projects.

At present, the number of member companies has doubled and the cluster became a recognized industry authority in support of research and innovation in the textile sector industry.

For the next period, the cluster has a wide range of topics to address:

  • Is it possible to see the blue field of flax again instead of the yellow field with rape?
  • How can we deal with the topic of circular economics – will we increase the share of textile waste processing into the form of raw material for further processing?
  • Can we ensure, by accessible routes, that public transport seats can clean themselves?

Many people think that technical textiles are only the geotextiles or non-woven textiles, which are used, for example, in their garden. Yes, there are technical textiles as well, but we can find they elsewhere and they can also be very attractive – for example, functional clothing is a beautiful example that we use almost every day (of course except for the face masks and respirator nowadays).

Let us to wish to Clutex happy anniversary, be strong and healthy and good luck for the future!!!; @clutex1