On 9 November 2021, the world of apparel and textiles will meet in Antwerp, Belgium, for the 9th European Textiles and Apparel Convention, hosted by EURATEX. The event is organised back-to-back with the 36 Global Apparel convention, organised by IAF.

COVID-19 has shaken the foundations of the textiles, apparel and fashion industry. Global supply chains have been disrupted, retailers are restructuring their sourcing options, consumer behaviour is changing. At the same time, the EU policy agenda focuses on a “green and digital transition”, leading to an impressive set of new regulations, strategies and programmes, including a dedicated EU Textiles Strategy.

To understand how these trends will impact on our industry, the European Confederation of Apparel and Textiles (EURATEX) organises a one-day conference on the theme “A new Paradigm for the European Textiles and Clothing Industry”.

The conference will include contributions from visionary leaders from European textiles and apparel, along with technical workshops on critical topics for our sector, such as traceability, chemicals strategy, textile waste recycling, skills, energy consumption and much more. The line-up of speakers promises you an interesting event: Sylvie Lemoine (Leadership Team, CEFIC), Andrea Crespi (CEO, Eurojersey), Lutz Walter (ETP), Jan Laperre (General Manager, Centexbel) and many more.

Registrations are open until 1 October. Those interested can register here: Entry Tickets and Registration 34th IAF World Fashion Convention 2018 (conventionantwerp.com)

More information about the events could be found here: Convention Antwerp 2021 organized back-to-back by IAF and Euratex