EU-TEXTILE2030, the European Advanced Textile Materials cluster, and TEX4IM, the partnership for smart specialization strategy investment in Europe, have signed a memorandum of understanding to provide a framework linking internationalization and regional investment in the field of textile materials in Europe.

TEX4IM and EU-TEXTILE2030 representatives during the final event of EU-TEXTILE2030 in Lyon on November 22nd

The Tex4IM partnership aims at bringing together the main European textile-based clusters in countries/regions where the textile and clothing industry represents a significant share of the national/regional economy, to enhance innovation capacities, business models, knowledge and skill levels and other key competitive factors that will determine the future of European Textile-clothing sector. The partnership aims at building strong competences and form strategic alliances in the following strategic areas, based on the Strategic priorities of the Strategic Innovation & Research Agenda recently produced by the ETP-European Textile Platform.

The EU-TEXTILE2030 partnership aims to increase the international competitiveness of European textile companies and to create a European Meta Cluster on advanced textiles materials. In order to achieve those goals, the EU-TEXTILE2030 has implemented 5 business missions in the past two years to Colombia, South Africa, Israel, Japan and Taiwan, prepared a market study for each of the target countries, organized matchmaking and networking events and webinars to raise awareness of the international opportunities. EU-TEXTILE2030 partnership has recently highlight the continuity of the collaboration with the establishment of an European Economic Interest Group association.

This MoU will facilitate coordination and support to European companies in the advanced textile materials sector by strengthening the cluster collaboration in Europe. The MoU is a major step to reinforce the Regiotex initiative bringing together all textile clusters together to reinforce the European agenda in textile innovation and competitiveness.

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