Thanks to its long-term presence on the market and experience, the Clutex cluster has become a sought-after partner for international cluster projects as well. Within one of them – EXTRATEX, the cluster organized a weekly trade mission. It was focused on interdisciplinary cooperation – textiles, automotive, plastics.

Thanks to the openness of the companies visited, even those participants who did not have clear expectations became aware of the possibilities of effective use of their production portfolio in the new consequences. “I believe that the inspiration gained in this way will lead to the development of further cooperation between participants, both project and business,” said Enrico Venturini, project coordinator from the Italian company Next Technology Technotessile. During one week, the mission was attended by a total of 22 people from 5 European countries, 7 companies visited and a total of 92 short B2B meetings took place. The mission garnered great words of thanks from participants and project partners.