• The vouchers are addressed to EU SMEs and start-ups with innovative solutions that could be part of cross border value chains in textile and aerospace sectors.
  • The proposal submission is open until 19 May 2021 and can be made through a registration form on the project website (https://calls.galacticaproject.eu/).

GALACTICA, which aims to demonstrate the viability of new industrial value chains regarding the textile and aerospace sectors based on advanced manufacturing across the EU, launched last 16th March the first Call for proposals, with a total budget of 1.2 M€ to support European SMEs.

The Call for proposals is addressed to the European SMEs and start-ups that plan to develop innovative solutions that could be part of cross-sectoral and cross-border value chains with two different funding lines.

Call for Proposals

The development of new industrial value chains is crucial to increase the competitiveness of textile and aerospace industries. GALACTICA project aims to upgrade and transform the industrial manufacturing value chains using advanced manufacturing as a cornerstone for the European textile and aeronautics sectors, allowing them to unlock their full potential through new cross-sectorial applications and value-chains.

Taking this into account, GALACTICA launches their first Call for proposals that consist of two different types of funding instruments, in the form of lump-sum vouchers, that are addressedto SMEs and start-ups with innovative solutions that could be part of cross-sectoral and cross border value chains in the relevant sectors.

  • Pioneer Acceleration voucher will support the exploration of new cross-sectoral value chains with focus on developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).
  • Orbital Projects voucher aims to support the demonstration of new cross-sectoral value chains connecting the different sectors of GALACTICA with initial market tests of the products and services developed.

The Call has a total budget of EUR 1,2 million to provide financial support to innovative projects from European SMEs.

The Call has been launched on 16th March and the interested SMEs can register at https://calls.galacticaproject.eu/


The Pioneer Acceleration projects will support the exploration of new cross-sectoral value chains feasibility with a focus on developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) as a mechanism for testing and validating the technological innovation concept, connecting two or more sectors (aerospace, textile and advanced manufacturing).

Selected projects will receive a lump-sum up to 20k€ each voucher for the Pioneer Acceleration. 

The interested SMEs or start-ups willing to submit a project proposal can register for this voucher as a single SME, although consortiums are also welcome.


Orbital Projects are GALACTICA’s primary mechanism to support innovative technical demonstrations and integrations in new value chains. Support will focus on developing functional prototypes and their market testing facilitated by integrating non-technological innovations like agile and lean start-up methodologies for speeding up the market match.

GALACTICA aims to select eight projects who will receive a lump-sum support up to 100k€ per consortia, with a maximum of 58k€ per SME. Eligible consortia must be composed of at least two SMEs from at least two different sectors.

Deadline for applications: May 19th 2021 at 17h CEST

All the terms and conditions, as well as other information, are available athttps://galacticaproject.eu/

Apply now at: https://calls.galacticaproject.eu/

Remember the GALACTICA Info-day and matchmaking on March 24th

On March 24th, the GALACTICA team will organize the first call for proposals info-day with presentations about the GALACTICA project, the call details, the submission procedures and the evaluation information. This virtual event will also offer the first matchmaking session, where SMEs will be able to find potential partners to apply together in the call for proposals, find technologies and meet potential technology providers.

Register now at: https://matchmaking.galacticaproject.eu/  

Call for experts:

The GALACTICA consortium launched a call for experts with proven expertise in areas such as TEXTILE, AEROSPACE, ADVANCED MANUFACTURING/ICT and INNOVATION to evaluate proposals submitted under the upcoming GALACTICA call for “Pioneer Acceleration” and “Orbital projects”.

If you are interested to participate in the GALACTICA 1st Call for external experts, please register and send your application to https://calls.galacticaproject.eu/

The registration is open from 25th February 2021 until 16th April, 17.00 CEST.

About Galactica

The GALACTICA consortium integrates eight European clusters and two innovation agents: AEI Tèxtils in Catalonia as project coordinator, ATEVAL in Valencia and CTA in Andalusia (Spain), NTT in Italy, CORALLIA in Greece, Suderelbe in Germany,  PRODUCTECH in Portugal, EMC2 in France, EBAN in Belgium and Science Park Graz in Austria.

The project will foster the creation of unidentified or unexplored market opportunities for existent and new companies in developing latent and emergent value chains. It will overcome information and market failures by gathering together companies from diverse industrial sectors, R&D organizations, clusters, and bringing to life a set of tools, instruments, and triggering initiatives that will create a basis for establishing new value chains across textile and aerospace industries.

GALACTICA has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

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