A.Sampaio, Lemar, Polyanswer, Ownwork e Louropel were the winners of iTechStyle Awards 22.

Chaired by the Portuguese Secretary of State for the Economy, João Correia Neves, the ceremony recognized the winner in different categories:

  1. A. Sampaio received 2 awards for the categories of Best Fabric and Sustainability.
  2. The best Product award was for Xr-ProteX project, a partnership joining different companies and RTOs (Lemar, Polyanswer, Ownwork, CITEVE, FEUP, FCUP and ICETA)
  3. Louropel was the winner of the “Accessories” award.

iTechStyle awards is an initiative under the umbrella of iTechStyle showcase. iTechStyle showcase it’s an innovation promotion initiative aiming to stimulate innovation within the textile & clothing value chain, through the showcase and highlight of innovative products, concepts and ideas, as well as supporting the entrepreneurship spirit.