ITMA, the world’s most established textile and garment technology exhibition, was held in the Fira de Barcelona on June 20-26, 2019. The theme of the event is “Innovating the World of Textiles” to accelerate the innovation of the textile industry, as well as promoting the sustainable development of the global Textile and Clothing economic ecosystem. The expo is the “must-be” showcase of future technologies, innovative inventions, and sustainable development for the target sector.

Next Technology Tecnotessile, exhibitor of ITMA 2019 and leading R&D center for TC sector, during the expo, highlighted the TEX4IM project, which aims at generating a long term partnership in European TC sector, as well as Bluenet project, which aims at reducing the marine litter. NTT corner attracted a big number of visitors and a diversified audience, all interested in the “hot topics” showcased: Advanced Textile Materials, Sustainability, Circular Economy, Industry 4.0, Digital Technology.

Furthermore, Next Technology Tecnotessile presented the H2020 ECOBULK project by introducing new products made from the re-using, upgrading, refurbishing, and recycling of waste materials.