Mrs. Susanne Nejderås, the Director of Smart Textiles, had the opportunity to further strengthen the organization’s international position with the help of a prestigious fellowship. For thirteen months, she worked towards this end in Silicon Valley, USA, as part of a fellowship funded by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation. The result was, among other things, Smart-shirt, a unique first collaboration between Smart Textiles at the University of Borås and Stanford University.

With the help of the fellowship, Susanne Nejderås wanted to further develop the possibilities for new collaborations between Smart Textiles and Silicon Valley. The overall goal meant that Smart Textiles was to take an important step to the next phase of being the internationally leading innovation partner in textile renewal. During the fellowship period, starting in November 2019, Susanne Nejderås worked from Nordic Innovation House in Palo Alto as part of Vinnova’s Team Sweden.

One purpose of the fellowship was to gain a deeper understanding of the international context and knowledge of investments and directions ongoing in the area of sustainability and technology. The ambition was also to market and showcase results from Smart Textiles, especially the national platform Textile & Fashion 2030, to elicit interest in future collaboration. Spreading knowledge about the development opportunities available to Swedish companies was an objective, but also developing and creating new networks for knowledge exchanges and collaborations.

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