CONTEXT COST Action objective is to create a network of European researchers and main relevant stakeholders in order to develop joint ideas and initiatives which can be turned into advanced smart textile products.

 CONTEXT network covers 35 European countries, 3 Near Neighbour Countries and 1 International Partner Countries.

CONTEXT is structured in six Working Groups; five dedicated to final applications of smart textiles and one dedicated to dissemination and communication.

WG1. Healthcare & Medicine

WG2. Automotive & Aeronautics

WG3. Personal Protective Equipment

WG4. Building & Living

WG5. Sports & wearables

WG6. Dissemination & Communication

Each WG aims to have a triple helix approach, integrating academia, research and industry working under the coordination of cluster organizations.

WGs will be in charge of developing and promoting research actions that will lead to the increase of the Technology Readiness Level – TRL of smart textiles in application sectors.

Each Working Group had published a state of the art report on smart textiles for the respective domain.

All the documents can be found by accessing this link: WORKING GROUPS | Context-Cost (