Fulfilling the mission for which it was designed, even after the end of the project, TEX4IM is promoting cooperation and strategic alliances targeting innovation support for SMEs.

Last 14th of June, TEX4IM joined the #Textranet GA to present the main targets of the Cooperation agreement celebrated between TEX4IM partnership and Textranet, the textile transfer network joining 25 well positioned European institutions with world-class competencies involved in textile and clothing (T&C) related research and innovation activities.

Enrico Venturini (NTT), project coordinator, presented the main actions to be promoted:

  • Enable mutual access for TEXTRANET and its members and for the partners of TEX4IM to the relevant events organized by the two parties.
  • Facilitate the organization of common activities between the partners of TEX4IM and TEXTRANET.
  • Develop close links between the two parties by exchanging regularly information about their activities on their respective websites.
  • Mutually promote TEXTRANET and TEX4IM on the occasion of events at national and European level, so that contacts can be made and cooperation opportunities can be identified.
  • Mutually support the partners of TEXTRANET and TEX4IM in their efforts to contact potential partners respectively and to inform them about the different funding programs that can foster cooperation activities
  • Support the industrial modernisation of TC sector by pushing innovation into the enterprises, and more in particular SMEs, by making available to them technological innovation, organisation solutions, business and market opportunities, as well as entrepreneurial skills.
  • Utilize of available technologies for development and modernization of SME´s in TC sector.
  • Deliver of practical solutions to industrial, societal and community issues due to experts and experiences of signed parties.
  • Exchange of experience gained from TEX4IM project for future cooperation in common collaborative projects.
  • Link with relevant stakeholders in textile to boost of industrial competitiveness and investments, based on Innovation for European TC sector, by generating joint actions and investment projects in common smart specialisation priority areas, linked to industrial modernisation, by mean of the interregional collaboration.
  • Maximize the effort to start and develop the cross-sector and cross-region actions due to mutual project and events.

It was also assured that the TEX4IM partnership is committed to implement a set of activities in order to boost industrial competitiveness and investment in European Textile and Clothing sector.

Stay tunned!