EuraMaterials is organizing the 4th SmartX webinar on February 18, 2021. The event will be held on line, between 06:00 pm – 07:30 pm and it will focus on the latest developments in printed electronics for smart textiles.


18h00-18h05: Webinar introduction

18h05-18h25: The “Centre du Papier” will present printing technologies initially developped for the paper industry and transferable to textile substrates using conductive inks. They will also introduce a new pick-and-place device for electronics.

18h25- 18h45: Conductive Transfers, a UK-based company will introduce their conductive transfer technology. Conductive tracks and sensors are printing and easily transfered on a rough or elastic fabric.

18h45-19h05: DITF, a German textile research institute, will focus on the specificity of textile as printing substrate. They will also present some projets making use conductive printing on textile

Those interested can register at the event by following this link: SmartX webinar: Printed electronics for Smart textiles Billets, Le jeu 18 févr. 2021 à 18:00 | Eventbrite