What is the project about?

The Tex4IM partnership aims at bringing together the main European textile-based clusters in countries/regions where the textile and clothing industry represents a significant share of the national/regional economy, to enhance innovation capacities, business models, knowledge and skill levels and other key competitive factors that will determine the future of European Textile-clothing sector. Namely, the partnership aims at building strong competences and form strategic alliances in the following strategic areas, based on the Strategic priorities of the Strategic Innovation & Research Agenda recently produced by the ETP-European Textile Platform:

Circular economy and resource efficiency applied to textile-clothing value chains in Europe;

Advanced digitised manufacturing, value chains and business models principles applied to textile-clothing value chains in Europe, including industry modernization;

E-marketing and thematic social communities for attractive growth markets for TC product, as advanced way of approaching the final consumer;

Advanced Textile Materials (ATM) investigation for the development of new and diversified high added-value products and applications, marketable in the medium-long term socio-economic scenario.

What are the objectives?


The partnership is commited in defining a joint strategy for Textile and Clothing industrial modernization and long-term cooperation, that include a permanent incubation and acceleration system for the generation of joint investment projects in Textile and Clothing sector. The new system will generate a portfolio of minimum 24 business opportunities, with 10 business plans developed and full investment projects identified for the best 5. In the longer term, 3 investment projects per year, for a period of 5 years after the end date are ensured by the partnership. Also an intelligence action is active to allow textile and clothing companies to grab new opportunities, and actively take part to the 2 international and interregional matchmaking events that will take place in 2019 and 2020 in Sweden and Portugal respectively, including B2B and C2C sessions each.





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